The right fix for you home and small business computer needs

We can do a complete home evaluation for just $40.00 so that you understand everything about your computer needs.

Service List

Run a complete set of diagnostics on your current hardware to determine whether you system has hardware related problems.

COST: 45.00

Diagnosis Computer Problem     

Complete reload of corrupted or unrepairable operating system. This also relates to new hard drive installation.

COST: 120.00

Reload Operating System

Installation of new or repaired hardware.

COST: 29.00

Install New Hardware

We run 8 different spyware and virus protection programs to make your system as clean as possible.

COST: 120.00

Clean Spyware and Viruses from system

Backup Data

Backup of all data off your hard drive so that the data can be restored to you new hard drive or system.

COST: 80.00